14 marzo 2007

Copiando a The Economist

Tom Scocca sostiene en New York Observer que un buen número de publicaciones han intentado o están intentando copiar el estilo de The Economist:

"In conceptual-genetics terms, that would make the new Time an inbred back-cross. The owner of The Atlantic, David Bradley, has already revamped his
own title, talking all the while about his desire to emulate The Economist.

But then, so does everyone. When U.S. News redesigned itself two years ago, The Economist was the in-house role model. It has become like Harold Hayes’ Esquire, an unquestioned aspirational reference point, in public and private. Or both: In September, Women’s Wear Daily reported that New York editor Adam Moss, acting as a consultant, had advised Business Week to try making covers more like The Economist’s. At a retreat, Los Angeles Times editors were advised to give stories a more Economist-like feel."

"The audience for this is not people who care about the world, but people who believe it is important to care about the world. When other magazines say they want to be like The Economist, they do not mean they wish to be serious. They mean they wish, by whatever means, to be taken seriously".

Todo el artículo, aquí.

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