30 marzo 2007

Economía + Local= Loconomía

¿Qué tal si juntamos las secciones de Local y Economía? Es la propuesta de William M. Hartnett, periodista de The Palm Beach Post, en su blog wmhartnett.com :: the personal blog: Science news, business news, bad news .

The value of business reporting is unquestionable, when it's done well, anyway. Fine, fine, fine. But can someone tell me why most newspapers of a certain size continue to maintain separate local news and local business news departments? Would anyone designing a newsroom from scratch make this choice?

I've read some of the
pro-separation arguments, but I still don't get it. A health reporter on one side of the room and a business of health reporter on the other? Real estate reporters in business, government reporters covering taxes and development policy in metro? Most newspaper people seem to think we've cost-cut to the bone, but consider, really consider, all the structural and bureaucratic inefficiencies in our newsrooms that are nothing more than remnants of what I like to call newspapers' Era of Delusion.

Algunos diarios como Honolulu Advertiser y Indianapolis Star ya lo hicieron a principios de año, generando un interesante debate iniciado por Chris Roush en su blog Talking Biz News: Combining metro and business desks:

Questions remain, such as whether business reporters whose expertise is in writing earnings stories and reading SEC filings will now be asked to cover nighttime city council meetings and vice versa for the city reporters.

This is exactly the kind of action toward business desks that I feared when many papers like the Star announced at the beginning of last year that they were cutting stock listings from their business section.

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