29 marzo 2007

La OPA, vista por el FT

Turning up the heat. Financial Times. Editorial 28 de marzo de 2007:

The complex free-for-all that has become the struggle for Endesa would test the most battle-hardened market regulator and the clearest takeover code. Sadly, Spain possesses neither. Instead, the fight for control of the Spanish electricity group is being refereed by a watchdog with little experience of such tussles, according to rules notable for their elasticity of interpretation. When the dust has settled, this must be the prompt for Spain to move to a regime that more effectively and transparently protects investors.

Home and Away. Financial Times. Editorial del 24 de marzo de 2007:

British businesses occasionally lament the openness of the UK economy compared with other regimes. In the energy sector, there is a sharp contrast between the ability of Iberdrola, the Spanish group, to buy Scottish Power, and the obstacles thrown in the path of German giant Eon, which wants to buy Endesa of Spain.

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