15 junio 2007

7 propuestas de mejora del periodismo económico

Chris Roush ofrece en BusinessJournalism.org siete aspectos donde se puede mejorar la práctica del periodismo económico. Destaco tres:

Business news sections that can't determine if their readers are consumers or businessmen and women. Then their editors wonder why the weekly business paper in their market is gaining circulation and their section is being rolled into the back of sports.

Consumer and personal finance stories where the business journalist tells readers what to do with their money. Few journalists can pull this off with credibility. (...) But we're not investment gurus, and we're not product experts. Don't pretend that you are.

Critics of business journalism who have never been one. Unless you've walked a mile in someone's shoes, you don't understand. Yes, business journalism has its problems. But the quality today is the best it's ever been, and it will get better. Nobody's perfect. But most business journalists are trying their best.
El resto, aquí.

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