14 junio 2007

Cómo llevarse bien con los gabinetes de comunicación

Sara Murray propone en BusinessJournalism.org seis pistas para mejorar la relación con los departamentos de relaciones públicas de las empresas:

1. Sé educado y construye relaciones: "Reporters are more likely to gain useful information -- even if the company is in a sticky situation -- if they spend time building a relationship with its spokesperson and proving they are fair."

2. Conoce a tu fuente: "Stories often break outside the normal 9-5 business cycle. Getting in touch with the PR contact can be the difference between meeting your deadline or striking out."

3. Habla sobre las exclusivas: "Don't be afraid to negotiate exclusive stories (...) Reporters should also be willing to ask the PR person who else they are talking to about the story. It could compel you to put your story online earlier or decide how best to cover the story".

4. Busca entre la palabrería y márcate objetivos en cada entrevista: "Keep questioning the people who are talking a lot but saying very little. Phrases like "take it to the next level" and "stay the course" are standard in PR but tell journalists and readers very little about what the company is actually doing. Many times, corporate staff won't disclose certain information if the question never comes up. That's why you should have a goal about what information you want each interview to yield."

5. Echa un vistazo a los hechos relevantes: "Publicly traded companies are required to file an 8-K for any materially important change or event the company undergoes. If a PR person is touting a major event that didn't warrant an 8-K, it's possible it is not as important as the company insists."

6. Y no esperes al último minuto: "It's best to call as soon as the story is assigned. In many instances, you are counting on their ability to get information from the inside that you may not be able to get on your own. Give them time to work their sources".

Todas la recomencaciones, aquí.

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