19 junio 2007

Los Bancroft: una familia más

Al hilo de la OPA de Murdoch sobre Dow Jones, Business Week publicaba hace unos días una interesante colaboración de James Olan Hutcheson, fundador de ReGENERATION Partners, una consultora especializada en empresas familiares, en la que apostaba por la confianza y la transparencia como virtudes imprescindibles para hacer frente a una opción de venta:
If a family decides to talk to a potential buyer it's important that the discussions address the key issues. Money is, of course, a central concern. But in a family business, it's not the only factor to consider. For instance, many of the Bancrofts are very concerned that the editorial integrity of Dow Jones and the WSJ remain independent of the famously control-minded Murdoch.

It's important that any family business ensure that the company will find a buyer who will accept the existing culture, or at least attempt to make a congenial fit. Unlike a business run purely for profit, a family firm is often tied to the family's reputation, feelings of worth, and sense of place in the community. The Bancrofts are unlikely to be happy with each other if any of them pushes through a sale to someone who dishonors the traditions of the organization.
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