21 junio 2007

Serwer, director de Fortune: "somos la revista más profunda e inteligente"

Chris Roush publica en su blog Talking Biz News una entrevista con Andy Serwer, managing editor de la revista Fortune, en la que expone sus planes para los próximos meses: nuevo diseño, nuevos fichajes, más integración online, etc.

What have been your goals for the magazine in your first year in that role?

To make sure the magazine was part of the business conversation. To do journalism that people just had to read.

Why redesign the magazine?

Because it’s coming up on a decade now since it was last done, and because the magazine now reflects the vision of four managing editors (three previous plus me.) It’s become a bit of a hodgepodge.

What does Fortune have to do to stand out in the business magazine crowd?

We already do! We are the magazine that’s deeper, that brings more intelligence. Look at the stories we do. Look at the writers and reporters who work here, it’s an awesome line-up.

What do you think you bring to the table that former MEs at the magazine didn’t?

Well for one thing, I’ve done extensive work in broadcast (TV), and as an online journalist. So that’s different. And also I’m me. I have my own personality—love it or hate it—and the magazine’s going to reflect that.

What’s the one area where the magazine needs to improve the most?

We need to be more fully integrated with our website. We already have a dynamic, highly trafficked site, but we’re all about beefing that up. This is just the beginning.

Where does the magazine’s web site fit in with the print strategy?

Oops, I didn’t see this was the next question, and I sort of already answered it above. To continue, the web allows us to compete with anyone, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Slate, Yahoo Finance, CNET, and increasingly we are. We break news and provide content online that no one else can touch.

You’ve done work for CNN. Will Fortune try to do more video and multimedia?

Yes sir. This is the beauty of being part of Time Warner. There are all sorts of folks here who understand how this process works, and we are ramping this as well.

Where would you like the magazine to be in five years?

Leading the pack. We have in incredibly valuable brand, and it’s my job to enhance that brand and make it even more valuable than it was the day I started.

La entrevista completa, aquí.

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