14 septiembre 2007

El reto de Bloomberg TV

The New York Times publicaba hace unos días un interesante reportaje sobre el reto que encara Bloomberg TV ante la inminente puesta en marcha de Fox Business Network, en un mercado liderado por la CNBC:
Executives say the timing is coincidental, but Bloomberg TV has been making changes of its own. The most significant will happen in early October, when Bloomberg TV does away with the trademark crawl along the bottom of its screen in favor of a cleaner look that puts the stories into context. And the company is making progress in finding potential viewers: recent deals with Comcast have brought the channel to important financial locations, including New Jersey, South Florida and Washington.

“We think it’s too difficult to try to be something beyond a news organization,” the editor in chief of Bloomberg News, Matt Winkler, said. “Clearly, there is a part of CNBC that is focused on entertainment. That’s not our focus.”

"Last month, CNBC’s business day averaged 87,000 viewers ages 25 to 54, its best August in five years. CNBC is also found on a lot of trading floors, and Bloomberg TV can be found on the Bloomberg terminals, in addition to its own cable channel.

So instead of sheer numbers, the networks fight over demographics, and here Bloomberg has an advantage. The Mendelsohn Affluent Survey has found that Bloomberg TV viewers have an average household income of $199,000, the highest of any cable network it measures. CNBC viewers have an average household income of $184,000".
El reportaje completo, aquí.

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