30 octubre 2007

Por sus noticias les conoceréis

Chris Roush critica en BusinessJournalism.org el excesivo ombliguismo de algunos medios económicos:

What I’m talking about is the ways that business media outlets promote themselves. CNBC and Fox Business Network are classic examples. They’ll issue press releases when they have exclusive interviews with some high-ranking corporate executive. Does anyone but those journalists who work there really care? It’s too much inside baseball, if you ask me.

And then there are the other things that business media do. They write about themselves and what they’re doing as if their publication was the only one that existed – and without much critical thinking.

El remedio, según Roush: no hables por tí; deja que tus artículos y reportajes hablen por sí solos.
Todo el artículo, aquí.

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