23 enero 2008

Cinco preguntas a Kanupriya Vashisht, de WSJ.com

Alan Murray, de BusinessJournalism.com, ha conversado con Kanupriya Vashisht, executive editor de WSJ.com, sobre el hipotético paso del modelo gratuito al de pago:

How do you see your new role in terms of directing the Journal's news product?
I have editorial responsibility for everything we do other than the print paper. That includes WSJ.com, MarketWatch, television, conferences and books. These are all growth areas, but WSJ.com is the most exciting right now.It was created to be a news site that serves paying subscribers, and we've been very successful at that -- more than one million paid subscribers, which is unheard of on the Web. Now, we have an opportunity to reinvent the site and attract a dramatically larger audience. That's a challenge, but it's fun.

Will WSJ.com actually be able to multiply its online subscriber base twelve fold by making it free and how will this affect the print product?
I saw the analysis that said we'd need to grow traffic twelve fold in order to break even, and I think it's bogus. But I can tell you this: Everybody here wants to grow our traffic, and without getting into the precise business model, I'm confident we're going to do it.

El resto de preguntas, aquí.

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