25 enero 2008

WSJ.com: algunos siguen pensando que será gratuito

Felix Salmon, de Conde Nast Portfolio, considera que a pesar de las últimas declaraciones de Murdoch, el WSJ.com terminará siendo gratuito - al menos las informaciones -, si bien se seguirá cobrando por servicios como Factiva, los índices Dow Jones y parte del contenido de Dow Jones Newswires no ofrecido en el periódico:

So what is Murdoch thinking? Simply this: WSJ.com has a huge number of non-price-sensitive subscribers who aren't spending their own money and who will happily pay $129 to get everything, even if, in practice, they rarely use the premium content. If people are that willing to give you tens of millions of dollars a year, it seems a bit sillly to tell them to keep their money.

Eventually, though, that's exactly what Murdoch is going to do. He seems determined to compete head-to-head with the NYT, and that means online as well as in the print-newspaper market. At the moment, nytimes.com is a vastly superior website to wsj.com, not only because of its better web design, but also because of the incredible feeling of freedom one has surfing the archives and reading absolutely anything one likes, for free, safe in the knowledge that you can blog or email anything you like, and everybody in the world will likewise be able to read it for free.

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