28 febrero 2008

La supervivencia del periodismo es cuestión de dinero

"Journalism still works. It’s a money question".
Lo ha dicho el director de Fortune, Allan Sloan en la Southern Methodist University (EE.UU.):

“‘There’s a business in business journalism and there’s certainly a business in journalism,’. ‘Somewhere in all of this there is a business who will hire [journalists]. It exists somewhere, we just haven’t found it yet.’

“Sloane said that the skills learned through journalism are ‘eternal’ and can be used in many other professions, such as law and business. ‘These are skills that will serve you well,’ he said.

“While Sloane believes that most of the industry is moving toward the Internet, he thinks specialty magazines will stay in print. Newspapers, he projects, will become a hybrid of traditional print and online mediums.

[Vía Talking Biz News]

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