20 marzo 2008

Forbes, la revista de los capitalistas

¿Qué es lo que hace de Forbes una publicación única entre las revistas de negocios? Larry Dobrow nos lo cuenta en Advertising Age:
"Forbes may be the most thoughtful of the business mags, the one that cares least about the personalities of the execs and companies it covers and most about their place in the larger scheme of things. At the same time, Forbes is the most strenuously, joylessly on-point publication I’ve ever read, so smothering in its pro-biz mission as to make me yearn for a fluffy, speculative report on Britney’s finances."

"Forbes is far from inaccessible to the average reader, choosing cover topics that should connect with anyone who has even a mild interest in business. Still, just about everything else between its covers all but chases off non-hardcore businessheads with a pitchfork. Maybe that's a good thing in this increasingly niche-y era -- serve the loyalists first, right? "
Mas, aquí.

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