20 marzo 2008

Informar en tiempos de crisis

Patrick Smith escribe en The Press Gazette sobre el valor que tiene la información económica en tiempos de incertidumbre económica. Para ello ha conversado con tres de los más reputados periodistas económicos de Londres: Robert Peston (BBC), Alex Brummer (Daily Mail) y Chris Giles (Financial Times):

Robert Peston:
"Translating City stories into everyday top-of-the-bulletin items is a problem, especially for journalists who feel unfamiliar with collateralised debt obligations and the like."

“All of us feel much more comfortable with stories that we are familiar with. I was lucky enough to break the Northern Rock story, and that’s become a huge talking point everywhere, so Northern Rock is on everyone’s front pages because everyone’s familiar with it. There’s no point whingeing about not getting your story on air if you yourself can’t explain why it matters in language that everyone understands.”

Alex Brummer:

“For UK papers generally, apart from the FT, it’s hard to put Citibank, UBS or the Bank of America on the front page. They can be big City stories – but the only way you can do it is to produce a larger theory about what’s going on. Why has this happened? Who are the greedy bankers? Who has profited? Should the whole banking system be changed?”
Chris Giles:

“The important thing is to tell readers as far and as best you can what really is going on. You have to make a very, very clear distinction between things you know, like banks are in trouble, and conjecture.

“You have to be very careful in making that distinction very clear. It’s a lot easier for the FT than it is for many other news organisations because we have far more people with far more experience in the various sectors, particularly the deep bits of the financial system, which frankly people just don’t look at very often.”

“We can tell them what might happen and we can tell them what other people are saying, but we should never – and I didn’t think we ever have – give the impression that we know what will happen.

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