09 mayo 2008

El secreto del éxito de Portfolio

What is the single most important achievement of CNP?
Condé Nast Portfolio has energized a sector of the publishing business that many had thought was moribund. By introducing a print magazine that made sense in the context of how people consume information these days, we’ve been able to deliver a new experience for readers. Building both the magazine and Web site simultaneously, we were able to demonstrate that “new media” can be print as well as digital.

What was the most important hurdle you were able to overcome?
Given how fast business news moves, some people at first couldn’t understand how a monthly magazine would work. But by collecting a diverse portfolio of stories every month, we’ve been able to demonstrate that deeply reported narrative journalism with big picture perspective has the ability to put today’s and tomorrow’s headlines into context.
David Carey, editor de la revista económica Portfolio, en Min magazine.

[Vía Talking Biz News].

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