02 mayo 2008

Los retos de Thomson Reuters

Stanley Redd publica en BusinessWeek un análisis de los retos que le esperan a Tom Glocer, consejero delegado de la recientemente fusionada Thomson Reuters: aprovechar las inmensas oportunidades que ofrecen las economías emergentes; superar a Bloomberg en el mercado de suministro de datos e información financiera, sin perder de vista a Google; y sobre todo, transformar el ingente volumen de información en manos de las dos empresas fusionadas en un servicio o producto que realmente sirva a sus clientes:
"If the corporate world of the 20th century was noteworthy for the rise of industrial giants, Glocer insists, the 21st century will be dominated by "information majors." He contends that Thomson Reu­ters, with a market capitalization of about $28 billion and annual revenues of $13.4 billion, is uniquely positioned to join that club."

"True, the rivals now each have about one-third of the financial data market and vast armies of journalists covering business. And Thomson Reuters has a broader portfolio of offerings, more capital, and may be better positioned to weather turbulent times thanks to its strength in emerging markets and foreign exchange, a booming business despite the downturn. Bloomberg, though, has more cachet—every trader wants one of its terminals—and a sterling reputation for service. And customers say Thomson's financial offerings are a hodgepodge of acquisitions that don't always work together."

"Glocer's mandate is to take the Thomson unit—which gets more than 80% of its revenues from North America—to Asia, the Middle East, and beyond to serve developing countries that are adopting more rigorous legal systems, building financial services, and pouring money into health and science."

"One idea: use Reuters legal journalists to add news to the technical offerings of Thomson's market-leading legal research business, Westlaw. Another: combine Reuters data on Islamic bonds with Thomson's expertise on Sharia law to sew up the fast-growing Islamic finance market."
Todo el reportaje, aquí.

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