07 junio 2008

Las mejores secciones de Economía online de los EE.UU.

José Luis Orihuela (gracias) me pone sobre la pista del ranking de las mejores secciones de Economía de los 25 principales ciberdiarios de EE.UU., elaborado por Douglas A. McIntyre en 24/7 Wall St. Gana la del NY Times:
1. The New York Times. It would be hard for any other metropolitan daily to compete with the Times. It has substantially larger editorial resources than any other metropolitan operation. Its most significant drawback is that it runs a reasonable amount of copy which is duplicated elsewhere, particularly by Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. NYT.com makes impressive use of blogs, charting, video, and other interactive features. Perhaps the best content run in the section on a regular basis are the “DealBook” area which covers the financial sector and “Bits” which covers technology. Ideally, the NYT business section would not have to run such a large amount of copy which overlaps with other sources, but being complete trumps that.
Más, aquí.

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