07 junio 2008

Murdoch siembra y el Financial Times recoge

Heidi Dawley cree en Media Life magazine que el Financial Times se está beneficiando de la llegada de Rupert Murdoch al Wall Street Journal:
“The FT has several things working in its favor, and one is that the paper is much stronger these days. After working its way out of the last recession rather painfully, cutting costs sharply to return to profit, it’s a better paper, and better prepared to weather this recession and Murdoch as well".

“‘Our strategy is a very global one,’ says the FT’s Hughes. ‘We believe that we are a very niche newspaper and that we cover business and finance better than most.’

"But perhaps the biggest factor in the FT’s favor is the newspaper Murdoch envisions the Journal becoming will by all accounts be a far more general paper, as it would have to be to compete with the Times."
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