23 noviembre 2008

Rediseños que espantan al lector

Andrew Brown, de The Guardian, sobre el rediseño del web del Financial Times:
The financial crisis is grim enough without the Financial Times panicking; yet last week the paper committed the worst online redesign I have ever seen. There is no excuse for this loss of nerve and trust in its readership, but there are, perhaps, some explanations. They are very disheartening.
It looks as if it has been aimed at people who don't want to read. No doubt this is a growing and important segment of the population. (...) But it's not very sensible for a newspaper to pitch its products at the dyslexic market; and it's particularly stupid for the Financial Times, which is a newspaper for the elite if it is anything at all.
Afortunadamente, el rediseño sólo ha afectado por ahora a la portada y el resto del sitio permanece igual. Visto lo visto, más vale lo mejorable conocido que lo nefasto por conocer.

El artículo completo, aquí.

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