24 febrero 2009

Lecciones de una crisis

Dos artículos publicados en Columbia Journalism Review de obligada lectura:

- No Prizes For Post-Mortems: Investigations, not explanations, were needed in financial crisis. Where were the news organizations while the biggest financial story of their lifetimes was playing out nationwide? (...) they invariably fail to explore even the possibility that the business press itself failed in its main job: to adequately warn the public of the abuses and dangers mounting on its main beats.

- What We Learned In the Meltdow: Financial journalists saw some trees but not the forest. Now what? Pay more attention to the credit and derivatives markets; Question what will happen when there are fundamental shifts in the rules of doing business; Don’t rely on self-interested experts; When a huge new industry springs up, make sure you understand everything you can about it; Look forward.

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