28 mayo 2009

10 preguntas

No son nuevas pero Bernie Kohn nos resume en businessjournalism.org las diez preguntas que cualquier periodista debería hacerse antes de publicar una historia:
- Does my story tell me, up high, why anyone should care?
- Would my mother/husband/significant other understand this story? Would they even want to read it?
- Does it get to the point before a time-harried person would stop reading?
- Am I using big words or flowery descriptions when simplicity might suffice?
- Am I allowing bias to creep in the form of adjectives and adverbs? If I say something or someone is “controversial,” do I make clear what I mean? Or am I the one saying it’s controversial?
- Does the lead make me want to read on? Is it backed up?
- Have I been overly tempted by a juicy quote that really is not fair?
- Do I understand what every sentence means by just reading it once?
- Am I sure of all the contextual language and factual background? Or did I try to do it all from memory? (It’s amazing how often reporters catch themselves doing the latter!)
- Am I writing around things I know I need to have in the story but don’t understand?

Más, aquí.

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