29 noviembre 2011

Cómo tener éxito en el periodismo económico

En The Reformed Broker leí ocho consejos para tener éxito en el periodismo económico. Me gustaron especialmente estos dos:
2) Help people understand complex issues. Break it down in easy to understand language. Why did Italy cause such a panic three days ago and then manage to borrow $150 billion no problem the next day. It’s because the headlines are just trying to scare people. Fear has replaced Scoops to drive circulation. Then it becomes a race to the bottom, who can scare people the most.
6) Tell a story. Don’t just give numbers. Tell a story of where the world will be five years from now and how we will get there, starting with the events happening today. As the story developes into the real world, you will have the fuel for more and more stories/articles.
El resto, aquí.

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