06 junio 2006

Larry Ingrassia (NY Times) responde

Larry Ingrassia, editor de la sección de Finanzas de The New York Times respondió a preguntas de sus lectores. Entre los temas debatidos, la cobertura de los escándalos empresariales, la competencia de los cibermedios o los recortes de las páginas de cotizaciones.
Muy sugerente. Un adelanto:

We no longer can just do a good job of writing what I call “commodity” news, or news that is available many other places. It doesn’t mean that we don’t cover major breaking news, but it does mean that we have to go beyond the news in writing about it, by spinning it forward to say what it means and why.
Blogs will become increasingly important because they enable newspapers – which generally have had mass readership – to also reach specialized audiences. That’s because many readers want 1) more depth, and more space, than we can devote to any single topic in the paper; and 2) to know more than what any one publication is reporting, because they may have a voracious appetite about everything important written on a specific subject.

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