19 julio 2006

Si los diarios cambian, las agencias también

Ya ha sido comentada en varias ocasiones la actual tendencia de los diarios de reducir, suprimir o modificar considerablemente sus páginas dedicadas a las listas de cotizaciones, invitando a sus lectores a consultar la evolución de sus activos financieros en la respectiva web de cada publicación. Lógicamente, si la sección de finanzas está cambiando, las agencias de noticias como Associated Press también han de cambiar y ofrecer un producto diferente. En este contexto se enmarca la siguiente oferta de empleo AP, publicada en JournalismJobs.com:

The Associated Press seeks a News Editor for its Business News department.
AP is developing a financial data and content product, Money & Markets, for newspapers and their Web sites. The new product will replace or supplement traditional newspaper stock tables. The Money & Markets news editor will lead an experienced team of reporters and artists, producing content pegged to breaking financial, economic and company news. Content will be explanatory and analytical and will use graphics heavily. The team will work in close coordination with the AP's existing business and financial reporting staff. The goal of Money & Markets will be to inform readers about markets news and trends and help them make investment decisions. This is an opportunity to take a new product and refine it, and to have broad impact on newspapers and their Web sites.

The Money & Markets Editor must have deep knowledge of the financial markets and the economy. Candidates must be critical thinkers who can anticipate news that will affect the markets and direct coverage of breaking news that is explanatory and analytical. Applicants must be able to identify market trends and develop "story graphics" that explore investor themes of broad interest to readers. This person must be an outstanding editor and should have a reputation as a wordsmith. He or she must be able to do as much as needed -- or as little -- to make copy clear, concise and accurate. This person must ensure at all times that copy is insightful and includes context and perspective. Must have experience assigning and editing graphics. The ideal candidate must be a strong leader/manager. This person must be able to inspire reporters and artists and be a good teacher. He or she must have good communication and people skills. An applicant must be a team player, must be able to multitask and be able to coordinate tasks involving multiple departments. The Money & Markets editor must be a self-starter who is creative and has entrepreneurial skills.

Por cierto, si alguien está interesa en la oferta, puede escribir aquí

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