09 octubre 2006

La clave del exito: personalizar los medios

Recoge Martin Lamonica en Blog Media las declaraciones realizadas por un conocido inversor, Roger McNamee, en el MIT. Para McNamee, la clave del éxito de los cibermedios pasa por la personalización de contenidos, credibilidad y autoridad:

"The Internet we see today is about aggregation, but that's just the first step. The thing that's forming now is community" (...). "In community mode, you need trust and authority and you need to move up the stack to insight and knowledge."

"We hopes to introduce more personalization at Forbes's Web site in order to provide readers with valuable insight, rather than only news. For example, a news story on changing mortgage rates could be a signal for a reader to refinance. In order to do that, the Web site needs a lot of personal information on the reader, which is valuable to advertisers.

"That is what business journalism has to aim for: personalization, trust and authority. I think all of journalism has to do that because people don't have enough time".

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