14 noviembre 2006

Lecciones de periodista económico novato

Shareen Han es un periodista novato al que se le anuncia que va a trabajar en la sección de Economía de su diario, The Brunei Times, y ha decidido contar la experiencia de su primer día de trabajo:

"Some would assume that I have a knack in writing business news. But how wrong they were. I have absolutely no education background nor experience in business. Whenever I come across the jumbled gamut of technical business terms, I get scared out of my wits.

Okay, fine, maybe one would think at least I have a bit of interest in the subject. Hah! Business ranks pretty low in my list of interests. I would happily opt for education, health, politics, sports, social issues or food and entertainment.

But, enough already, the last thing I want is for my business editor to lose complete confidence in me and announcing that I am `blacklisted' and never get the chance to write business news any more. That marked the beginning of my worrying experience as a business reporter. My editor announced that I would have to meet prominent businessmen and women"


But, to my surprise, I managed to finish the profile on time. But one dreadful feeling led to another. I was not sure whether my editor was pleased with the article but I gathered it could not be that bad since the article was published. So, what have I learnt from all this incessant fretting? I learnt to learn.

Puedes leer aquí toda la columna (tomada de la caché de Google)

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