18 diciembre 2006

La sección de Economía, la preferida de algunos lectores

¿Quién dijo que nadie lee las páginas de Economía o Finanzas de los diarios? Según una encuesta elaborada por FishBowl para Los Angeles Times, la sección de Economía es la favorita de sus lectores:

The top two favorite sections were Business and Calendar, with "None" tying for third with Sports. Real Estate and Op/Ed came in at a close fourth.

Mostly people said they either read the sections they needed to read for their blogs/work or they read the sections that told them the most about the richest people in L.A.

Chris Farnsworth, screenwriter and Business Section reader: "I'm continually surprised how much news is coming from this section that should have come out of the entertainment or local news teams.

"Maybe it's more a reflection on me, but the dominant money-makers in L.A. -- entertainment, real estate and tech -- seem to be the dominant areas of interest for a lot of people. I don't think this is just rich Westsiders, either. Everyone wants to know how they're going to afford a house, or if they have one, how they're going to afford their mortgage and property taxes. Everyone wants to know what the celebs are up to, and what did well at the box office. And everyone wants to know what cool gadgets and inventions are coming. "L.A. is the center of the universe for all three of those areas, and the biz section's coverage of them should be moved to the front page a lot more often."

Toda la información, aquí.

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