18 diciembre 2006

Nacen The American y Dealmaker

En el último mes han aparecido dos nuevas revistas estadounidenses: The American - editada por el American Enterprise Institute - y Dealmaker. Myrna Blyth analiza sendas publicaciones en New York Sun:

“To focus on that limited but special audience, the American has printed just over 50,000 copies. Half of the circulation is paid, half controlled, with some copies available at airports and at newsstands.

“At Dealmaker, Mr. Lane is aiming at a larger circulation of 100,000. He is also editor in chief of Trader Magazine, which has a circulation of 100,000 in America and 50,000 abroad. It features a mix of news, gossip, advice, and information, such as where to buy the ‘best toys and gear to help you lead the good life.’ It has proven popular with Wall Street stock and bond traders, as well as the advertisers who want to reach this affluent audience.

The American“Dealmaker has much the same format, but it is targeted at a different audience with a different financial mind set. ‘Traders are impulsive. Dealmakers, the guys who buy and sell, not stocks and bonds but whole companies, are more analytical. They are always looking for long-term value,’ Mr. Lane said. ‘They are just incredibly smart guys.’

“The American, by contrast, is short on service journalism and long on provocative ideas. The lead story in its premiere issue asks, ‘Why do we underpay our best CEOs?’ It’s a rarely asked question these days, while another separates the facts and myths about global warming in a way that would not please Al Gore. A third, written by Dr. Sally Satel, an AEI Fellow and a kidney transplant recipient, argues for a market in organ donations.”

Respecto a esta última revista, Nick Schulz ha escrito: “you’ll find no laments from me about the arrival of the Internet age. I’ve made a living as a web journalist for the better part of the last decade. We have access to more information than ever before thanks to the Web. But there’s still no substitute for a meaty, substantive dead-tree publication. The American will come out six times a year, and if the first issue is any indicator, it will be producing must-read pieces.

“The future of serious journalism in our celebrity-saturated age remains uncertain. But the birth of any new publication that understands the power and importance of ideas should be a cause for celebration. Give thanks this week for a great American.”

Toda la información, aquí.

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