23 abril 2007

Business Week: ¿joya de la corona o talón de Aquiles?

Sramana Mitra analiza en SeekingAlpha la situación actual del semanario Business Week y se pregunta si la revista es la joya de la corona del grupo McGrawHill o por el contrario, su talón de Aquiles, habida cuenta de la caída en la difusión, el cierre de las ediciones europeas y asiáticas, los recientes despidos...:

BusinessWeek is one of the most widely read business magazines, with more than 4.7 million readers each week. Of late, BusinessWeek has been going through tough times and its site has not been able to take full advantage of the growing online movement.

BusinessWeek, as a part of the corporate restructuring exercise, discontinued its European and Asian publications in December 2005 due to mounting losses, which resulted in 60 job cuts. Late last year, BusinessWeek fired 12 of its most experienced employees, which included top-notch editors. For the full year 2006 Business Week’s revenues were flat.

BusinessWeek’s subscription and advertising rates were reduced in 2006. In the second half of 2006 BusinessWeek’s total circulation fell almost 7 percent. Stephen Adler has been making a lot of changes at BusinessWeek without much effect, I must say.

So is the crown jewel of McGraw-Hill turning out to be its Achilles’ heel?

Todo el artículo, aquí.

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