18 febrero 2008

Bloomberg incorpora entrevistas a directivos en su web

Bloomberg ha iniciado en su web la publicación de una serie de entrevistas con reconocidos consejeros delegados:

"Day and night, through almost every timezone, Bloomberg creates a massive amount of video content through its 10 networks in seven languages which are distributed live, 24 hours a day on cable, satellite and online. Additionally, the company produces video for the Bloomberg terminal, the $20,000 per year desktop device used by finance professionals.

Beet.TV has learned that Bloomberg News has put in place a system to convert much of its linear programming (which is free, btw) into distinct, searchable clips.

The immediate plan is to place this material on bloomberg.com.

Placing content on the public Internet is something of a change for Bloomberg. The company has enjoyed dramatic growth and profitability with its closed, proprietary platform. It wasn't until 2006 that Bloomberg ungated some of its rich content.

Today, only about 10-15 percent of the content on the Bloomberg terminals are on the public Web site."

[Vía Beet.tv]

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