18 febrero 2008

The Economist, la unica revista global

En una entrevista en Council on Foreign Relations, Peter Kann - ex consejero delegado de Dow Jones - afirmaba que existen dos formas de penetrar en mercados de la información extranjeros: la compra de diarios nacionales de otros países o expandir la propia marca a través de ediciones específicas para esos mercados:
That’s what the Wall Street Journal has done with its overseas publications; it’s what the New York Times does in a sense with the International Herald Tribune. It’s what Time, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, and many of the magazines have done for years with the international editions. Those have certain benefits. You do produce an international news flow for your U.S. edition or U.S. publication, and that’s important, but it’s probably hard to think of any U.S. publisher, or any publisher anywhere, that is actually making any significant amount of money producing editions outside its own market. The one exception, I think, would be the Economist, because the Economist almost has no home market anymore. It has become a genuinely international publication. It doesn’t really fit the category that everyone else is in.
Toda la entrevista, aquí.

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