20 febrero 2008

El nuevo paradigma del periodismo económico

No se pierdan la magnífica reflexión de Chris Roush en BusinessJournalism.org sobre el nuevo periodismo:
"One of the biggest problems I see in business journalism today is that a lot of the people running business news publications, or business news desks, are stuck in the old paradigm where news product comes out when we say it comes out and where we deliver business news that we think is important to our readers.

Smart media organizations have learned that this model no longer works. We have to provide business news when our readers – and listeners and viewers – want it, and we have to listen more to our consumers about what information they want".

"And it means relying on our readers more. Listen, I’m not saying that we have to do everything that our readers want. If business publications did that, then there wouldn’t be great journalism, I strongly believe. But I do think that the readers can teach us a few tricks, like the subtle nuances of the companies they work for that we don’t understand".
Más, aquí.

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