19 febrero 2008

¿Qué ocurriría si se recortaran las secciones de Deportes?

Hal Morris se pregunta en su blog GrumpyEditor.com qué pasaría si se recortaran las secciones de Deportes en vez de las de Economía y Finanzas:
Already doing a disservice to readers in condensing or dumping stock market and mutual fund listings, some daily newspaper publishers and editors now are eliminating standalone business sections altogether.

With the trend toward scattering business news bits in other sections, readers will have to hunt for latest developments in areas that contain city council coverage, obituaries, crossword puzzles and weather.

Will standalone sports sections be next?

Imagine the uproar from readers if sports material --- including football, baseball and hockey scores --- is found alongside bank robbery and lost cat stories on the bottom of page A13.
Más, aquí.

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