19 febrero 2008

El WSJ vuelve a la portada de 6 columnas

Desde el pasado lunes 4 de febrero el Wall Street Journal ha vuelto a la portada de seis columnas, recortada a cinco en el último rediseño que tuvo lugar a principios de 2007:

“The Journal decided to add a sixth column to the front page to provide editors design flexibility and slightly increase the amount of real estate dedicated to the major stories of the day. The previous five-column paper wasn’t as flexible and tended to limit the layout options available to editors.

“The decision to move to a six-column format is a change that has been given considerable thought since Marcus Brauchli took over as managing editor in April 2007.

“The ‘What’s News’ feature will continue to be two columns in the new format–Business and Finance, and World-Wide. The Journal will continue to provide its readers with art, graphs and charts as well as hedcuts in the new redesign. The front page ad unit will also remain intact.”

[Vía Talking Biz News]

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