15 abril 2008

El secreto del Financial Times

Business Week publica un análisis del buen momento económico que atraviesa el Financial Times
Like other major British upmarket newspapers, it winced its way through staggering losses earlier this decade, losing $60 million-plus in 2003 and more than $17 million in 2004. Unlike others, it has staged a remarkable turnaround. Analysts reckon that in 2007 the salmon-hued paper turned a profit of about $60million on revenues approaching $600 million.

The FT is a niche player, one with no claims to a mass market, and a well-balanced global circulation (roughly 150,000 in the U.S., 140,000 in Britain, and 160,000 throughout Europe, the Mideast, Asia, and Africa) that makes it uniquely suited for a class of advertiser targeting a class of reader—finance-obsessed types who spend lots of time in first-class airport lounges, say. A smallish sphere, but small is the new big, at least if your audience is rich.
Por cierto, el FT fue elegido como Diario del Año en los British Press Awards.

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