17 abril 2008

Nace Thomson Reuters Corporation

Con su debut en las bolsas de Londres, Toronto y Nueva York, la editorial canadiense Thomson y la agencia de noticias Reuters han completado hoy oficialmente su fusión, creando Thomson Reuters Corp., el mayor proveedor de información financiera del mundo. Tom Glocer es el nuevo consejero delegado de la nueva compañía, con sede en Nueva York y más de 50.000 empleados distribuidos en 93 países. Culmina de esta manera la operación de compra de Reuters por parte de Thomson por 17.600 millones de dólares, iniciada en mayo de 2007.
"We are not going to own a film studio. We are not going to launch a teenage social networking service".

"We're really focused only on professionals, people who will pay us for our content and services".

"What would you pay me for tomorrow's New York weather forecast? Probably nothing." "I think Google is clearly there as the monetization device for lots of consumer content. The question mark is if they want to get into anything other than the low end of professional". "I think News Corp-Dow Jones has a potential seat at the table. I think Microsoft-Yahoo does if they pull it off (merge) and if Microsoft embraces content more than it has before".

"I'm more concerned about the effects of the financial crisis on the real economy and what are the implications of a real recession than the doom and gloom stories specifically about finance".

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