03 abril 2008

El WSJ americano, en Londres

La edición americana del Wall Street Journal comenzará a distribuirse por todo el Reino Unido a partir del próximo 16 de abril [vía The Guardian].

Para Roy Greenslade, la medida no sólo no afectará al Financial Times sino que castigará a la edición europea del Journal:

"London's business community is being super-served already, with City AM and the paid-for titles. A fourth entrant is unlikely to expand the readership. Anyway, as one never tires of saying, the WSJ and the FT are very different animals (and not just in the colour of the newsprint).

The WSJ gives a US perspective. The FT gives a British and, crucially, an international perspective. In the short term, even if the WSJ's journalistic culture is changed, the FT's regular London audience is unlikely to drop it in favour of the WSJ."

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