03 abril 2008

WSJ: al asalto del New York Times

Ya hemos comentado en alguna ocasión el giro que ha dado el Wall Street Journal desde la llegada de Murdoch hacia contenidos menos especializados, especialmente políticos (1 y 2). En su primera entrevista como publisher del Journal, Robert Thomson confiesa al Washinton Post que el objetivo del diario es desbancar al New York Times como periódico de referencia:

"I think American journalism has some soul-searching to do. American newspapers generally have kept up poorly with change. . . . If there's a presumption that what you might call New York Times journalism is the pinnacle of our profession, the profession is in some difficulty."

"The swipe at the Times is no accident. Murdoch and his lieutenants, who have made clear they want to challenge the paper for national supremacy, are not above a little trash-talking toward that end."

"The concept, dating to the 1940s, was that the Journal would be a second read for those who already had digested a local or national newspaper. Brauchli says that approach is now history."

Todo el artículo, aquí.

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