14 abril 2008

Portfolio, la revista más importante lanzada en 2007

Samir Husni, profesor de periodismo de la University of Mississippi ha escogido a Portfolio como el lanzamiento más importante del año pasado en el sector de las revistas:

The magazine has provided in depth information on business issues ranging from food, gender, oil, media… you name it. The information in each issue is presented in an in-depth fashion merging the power of words and images to deliver the best visual impact of print (VIP). This VIP enhances CN Portfolio’s addictive, exclusive and timely, yet timeless content.

“With the power of print alive, well and kicking on the pages of CN Portfolio magazine, the same can be said about Portfolio.com website. CN Portfolio provides a complete package of information that makes it a must to today’s movers and shakers. Whether ink on paper or pixels on the screen CN Portfolio deserves the honor of being named the Most Notable Launch of the Year. A well done job in the midst of a very rough year both on the business and media fronts.

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