14 abril 2008

El impacto de las noticias económicas en la crisis

" We want to give people a realistic assessment. We’re not writing for corporate boards. We’re writing for their investors. We’re writing for their employees. We want people to be aware of how things are, how they stand, so they can be prepared to make decisions".
Mary Cornatzer, jefe de la sección de Economía de The (Raleigh) News & Observer.

"Consumers, if they don’t feel confident, won’t spend money, and that’s what we need to bring us out of a down cycle. There probably is some impact on consumer confidence of people reading about the state of the economy.’ But the media do not create economic issues. The situation that we’re in now — with the probability of a recession, the issues in the financial markets — those are created by other factors. We do have real economic issues."

Michael Walden, economista N.C. State.

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