01 junio 2009

Ampliar la base

Thinking of people than just other than those folks on Wall Street. We love capitalism. I think most of the people here do. But I also love the guys who are not as empowered as the billionaires and the millionaires. I like folks who are just starting out, but they don’t have the money. They have the enthusiasm and the ideas. We’re trying to broaden the idea of what is business news. I don’t think the other folks really care about anyone else than the people who care about what stocks are doing during the day.

When a lot of people are getting out of stocks, it’s even more important to broaden the base.
David Asman, presentador de Fox Business Network, explicando los pormenores de la cobertura especial que emitirán esta semana sobre el excesivo gasto público de la Administración Obama y su impacto en el ciudadano medio. [Vía Talking Biz News]

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