18 septiembre 2010

El problema de imagen del periodismo económico

"Business journalists are the high school nerds of the newsroom, lacking the dangerous glamour of the war correspondents, the proximity to fame of the sports and entertainment writers, and the alpha-dog swagger of the political press corps."

"If your attention wandered as you read that list of abstract terms, you are not alone. A growing body of cognitive research is demonstrating something schoolteachers and entertainers have known for a long time: Most of us respond better to personal stories than to impersonal numbers and ideas. (...) Forget “just the facts, ma’am.” Actually, forget the facts altogether."

"For readers, that same bias means we are drawn to stories about people, not systems. When it comes to the financial crisis, we want heroes and villains and what-he-had-for-breakfast narratives; we are less enthralled by analytical accounts of the global financial system and the cycle of boom and bust."
Chrystia Freeland, en NY Times.

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