20 septiembre 2010

El reto de la credibilidad en el periodismo económico paquistaní

Ali Sohail publica The Express Tribune (Pakistán) una columna defendiendo la necesidad de una prensa económica más equilibrada, más analítica, menos centrada en lo negativo y que dé oportunidades a lo positivo que hay en la economía, la sociedad, la política de ese país:
In some instances where business news does make the headlines, it is extremely descriptive, more often unpleasant and reactive in nature. It is important to note that even the most sophisticated of international economic rating agencies use local news feeds as a core source of market knowledge.

Therefore, how can we even question our label abroad when we set the premise ourselves, not always through what exists, but through what and how we report? This ultimately influences the economics of the country, from deterring investment to enhanced social problems, creating a vicious cycle between cause and effect.

Here lies the opportunity where balanced and unbiased coverage, in terms of what makes headlines, would surface better outcomes.

It is also pertinent for policymakers to acknowledge the influence of such outlets on our daily life. This is crucial, as it would have implications on policy choices and their effectiveness.
Moving forward, credibility is paramount. This requires a shift in attitude towards pro-activeness and exploration, combined with technical expertise and a focus on critical and analytical thinking.
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