25 septiembre 2010

Forbes estrena rediseño

Forbes y Forbes.com han presentado su nuevo diseño, coincidiendo con la publicación del número dedicado a los 400 hombres más ricos de América.

Algunos ecos:
Lewis Dvorking, chief product officer de Forbes:

“The redesign allows Forbes to put journalism at the center of social media by creating new opportunities for content creators, the audience and marketers to participate in the conversation in real time, as it unfolds on our digital and print platforms,”.

“The initial steps to re-architect Forbes.com and Forbes magazine are accompanied by an expansion of our content model to provide our audience with more reporting, additional data and an array of thoughtful opinions. To accomplish that we are building a new kind of newsroom. It includes our many experienced editors and expert reporters as well as a large, carefully selected distributed news force of knowledgeable and credible content creators across key topic areas."

“You will see many changes over the next months, particularly with our digital products. We will add new features and enhanced functionality to Forbes.com and continue to develop our mobile offerings. As always, we’ll work hard to provide more great content, too."

[Mas, aquí y entrevista en exclusiva para Talking Biz News]
Steve Forbes, chairman and editor in chief de Forbes:

“This is an exciting opportunity for Forbes to both meet the ever-changing demands of our audience and the marketplace while continuing to deliver the award-winning journalism that has made Forbes so essential and helpful to our visitors and readers" (...) “Moreover, this redesign offers fantastic opportunities to deepen existing relationships by further engaging our audience.”

[Vía Talking Biz News].
Andrew Vanacore (Associated Press):

"Forbes is constructing a vast network of bloggers, each expected to build their own personal audience and brand around a steady stream of Web postings and links to social sites like Facebook and Twitter."

“The hope is bring more traffic to forbes.com and provide extra fodder for the print edition, which has been forced to cut staff because of a dramatic decline in advertising."

“In doing so, Forbes is throwing out some of the old norms of journalism. Many of these bloggers won’t have any background in reporting. Instead, the magazine is recruiting specialists to write on specific topics. And they won’t have a lot of immediate oversight. Forbes.com has gradually shifted to a blogging system in which contributors publish straight to the Web, rather than going through copy editing.."

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