20 febrero 2008

Más política y menos economía en el WSJ

David Carr de The New York Times comenta que The Wall Street Journal está dedicando últimamente mucho más espacio a la información política que a la económica:
During a week when the stock market fell more than 4 percent, a recession seemed more likely, and Microsoft was putting the moves on Yahoo, The Journal spent almost all of its front-page real estate above the fold on politics, replete with flashy graphics. Out with Ballmer and Bernanke; in with Obama, Clinton and McCain.

Marcus W. Brauchli, The Journal’s managing editor, said by telephone that the push is being driven both by the immediate appeal of a running story and a mandate to compete aggressively in general-interest news.

“It’s true we have had fairly intensive coverage of the elections, in part because it is a dramatic year politically. When there is news, you run with it,” he said.

Beyond that, “Mr. Murdoch has said publicly that we will compete against The New York Times, The Financial Times and other general-interest newspapers. In the news department here, we believe there is no reason that people should have to go to another news source beyond The Journal to find news of consequence to them in any sphere — politics, economics, even culture and the arts.”

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