14 abril 2008

Más cambios en el Wall Street Journal

“In essence, we’ll organize the desk into two parts. One will focus on general news, from the U.S. and around the world, as well as the economy. The other section of the News Desk will focus on corporate and business news. Each will serve the print and online Journals.

“The subjects handled by the general news desk will include U.S. and world news, the economy, regulation, politics and policy — matters that usually appear in the A section of the print edition. The general desk (and soon the A section of the paper) will also deal with coverage of news about education, religion, science, philanthropy and other issues.

“The corporate news desk will oversee news about companies, management and strategy, technology, media and marketing and the art of business. It will oversee an enlarged Marketplace section of the print paper, which will be a robust, news-driven, international-minded compendium of all that matters in business news each day.”

Marcus Brauchli, managing editor del WSJ

Más, aquí.

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